Family-Based Green Card Petitions

If a member of your immediate family is a legal permanent resident (green card holder) of the United States or is a United States citizen, YOU may also be eligible for a green card.  Likewise, if you are a legal permanent resident or a citizen of the United States, you may be able to sponsor a family member. This page is meant to provide you with basic information on being a petitioner or beneficiary of a green card.

Who Can Obtain a Green Card Through a Family Member?

The ability to obtain family-based legal permanent resident status is dependent upon the family relationship which determines a beneficiary's visa preference category.   Immediate family, which includes spouse and unmarried minor children, may be eligible for a visa immediately.  Other family members must wait for their “priority date”. There are also limits on the number of visas which are granted each year for non-immediate relatives.

Where to Begin:

If you are interested in petitioning for a relative to immigrate to the United States, you should contact an immigration attorney who can review your specific case and help you with the process.  An immigration attorney can also help you figure out if any waivers are necessary for things like inadmissibility issues and unlawful presence.